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Dating Pick Up Lines in the time of Corona

Dating Pick Up Lines in the time of Corona

While we people are self-isolating ourselves to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak. Dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, etc. are facing a huge swipe rush to reduce loneliness. Because it is the only way people can look for someone and talk with during this quarantine. Also, the government has some lockdown cities and stopping people from attending social gatherings and meetings to prevent people from getting infected. So, dating apps only way remain for millennials.

Meanwhile, if you have got matched and looking for amazing dating pickup lines to start a conversation with your match then here are a few amazing and funny coronavirus pick up lines that will help you to get started.

  1. The coronavirus might have shut everything down, but I’m still up for you.
  2. Hey there, are you the vaccine? Because the whole world is chasing you…
  3. Netflix and chill (over facetime)?
  4. If you need someone to self-isolate with I make a mean quarantini.
  5. The only thing not quarantined is my heart when I look at you.
  6. If the coronavirus doesn’t take you out, can I baby?
  7. The only thing I’m infected with is my attraction to you!
  8. I’m not sure if I’m blinded by your beauty, or if it’s a side effect of covid-19!
  9. Babe, you must be the coronavirus because I want to chill and get hot with you!
  10. Let’s wash our hands together.
  11. Quarantine and chill?
  12. Wow, you’re so beautiful I wish we could be in quarantine together!
  13. Does the coronavirus give you a temperature? Because you’re hot!
  14. I think you’re the only cure for corona because you’re hot!
  15. You look like the type of medicine I need.
  16. The only thing I’m infected by is an attraction to you.
  17. Why stay bored in time of quarantine? Let’s do a facetime.

We hope these light-hearted humorous lines will help you to create a win-win situation against your match by making him/her smile!

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