7 Dos And Donts For Having Long Term Relationship

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7 dos and donts for having long term relationship
7 dos and donts for having long term relationship

Starting a relationship just by proposing someone is easy, but keep that relation alive for years is not so easy. Because when two hearts meet, there are a lot of things happen apart from staying and spending time together. You got to know each other; you will start to know each other habits, his/her likes and dislikes, their moodiness, laziness, anger, and what not! But keeping that relationship alive throughout all ups and downs makes your bond stronger, harder, and unbreakable. And, it takes a lot of passion, efforts, and love to handle someone with taking care. To make these things easier for lovers, we have asked many people about what one should do and don’t when they are in a relationship, and here is what they have mentioned.

1. Treat them with the same love
When you have a crush on someone and started dating them, you always look for different ways to impress and win their hearts. But as per lovers over time, this love gets fade, and at one point, they got bored from the relationship. But if you continue to treat them the same passion throughout the whole relationship, your love won’t fade ever.

2. Learn to do compromise
Love is all about having that silly fights for no reason. But when you look back you at the time, you both smile that how both of you were used to fight with each other. So keeping your aggression in control and stay calm will help you to turn that tiny fights into the big bang. Give each other space when they need it. Let her go out with their friend and have chill night likes you do cause they also have their life.

3. Don’t take them for granted.
The person whom you love will never be the same as you are. Because every human is different and their abilities, so make sure you never let them down when they are going to be part of your life. But instead, you should help them to achieve their goals and encourage them to do what they love. Be the person who stays by their side in any situation, support them. Encourage them and love unconditionally. Never try to change them, do love for what they are.

4. Be honest and realistic
Being in a relationship where you share everything always be frank to someone you love. Because if someone got cheated, it hurts them so badly, and it takes more time to come out, or maybe it can break them into pieces. So, be real with the person you love. And its advise to make time for them from your busy routine and say them you love him/her always. It will make stronger your love and stops you from doing shit that can hurt

5. Give them a reason to smile
Don’t forget significant dates, I know it’s hard, but you will manage with reminder apps. But doing small things like give them flowers, take her out for dinner, late-night long drives, etc. can make your love feel special and fall for you. You can also gift them on special occasions such as birthday, anniversary, or on such other meaningful dates.

6. Make time to meet them
It’s always a 50/50 thing where you both have to take time, go out and spend time together. It will boost your love, creates memories, and fall for each other more and more.

7. Tell them you love them every day
Don’t let a day go by without saying those three words. When you love someone, let them know everyday spend time, spend time, and make memories. Because it’s not actually caked walking, its a long life journey.

At last, I always recommended you to compromise and love things instead of walking away.

So, give up your 100% because the best is yet to come.

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